Residential Roof Repairs

Residential Roof Repairs

Residential Roof Repairs

As a homeowner in Greater Vancouver, you have many responsibilities when it comes to the upkeep of your property. Some people like to focus on their home’s exterior because it adds curb appeal; others focus on internal updates to keep their home looking fresh. In general, homeowners tend to neglect their roofs.

If your roof is not maintained, it can start to show signs of damage and can even start to leak. There is no specific date or time limit on when you should perform residential roof repairs. Some homeowners choose to wait until they notice a leak before scheduling a repair. Others have their roofs regularly inspected and maintained to avoid leaks.

Your roof is a very important component of your home. It keeps the rain, wind, and snow out. A damaged roof should be repaired quickly to ensure further damage doesn’t occur.


Our Residential Roof Repairs include:

  • Roof leaks
  • Emergency roof repair


Roof Leaks

There are many reasons your roof may start leaking. Although residential roof repairs may seem like an easy task, they’re anything but. Do not attempt to fix a roof leak on your own as you could seriously injure yourself. Furthermore, you could create irreparable damage to your roof.

Instead, let the professionals from Macbeth Roofing help!


Emergency Roof Repair

It’s the middle of the night and you’re awoken by a loud bang. You discover a roofing disaster has occurred and you now need emergency roof repair. You know that you can’t wait until the morning to have it looked it.

What do you do? Call the Macbeth Roofing 24/7 Emergency Service line at (604) 593-1044.


Are Residential Roof Repairs Necessary?


Any roof repair is important, but determining whether the damage has put your home in an emergency situation is imperative. A good rule of thumb is that if the plywood under your shingles is exposed, a roofing contractor should be contacted as soon as possible. Other emergency situations that will require immediate attention are ones that pose a safety threat to your living environment.

As always, use your best discretion when handling roofing situations. It is always better to call a roofer sooner rather than later.


If you are interested in a Free Roofing Consultation or have any questions about our Emergency Roof Repair Services, please contact us

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