How do you Prevent your Roof from Leaking?

Prevent your Roof from Leaking

Your roof is one of the trickiest aspects of your home to maintain. In order to ensure your roof is performing properly, it is vital to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Roofs that have been neglected are at a greater risk of water infiltration and premature building envelope failure.  The last thing you want is water leaking into your home in the middle of our rainy season.

Refer to these three easy steps to prevent your roof from leaking:

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Golden Tip – Should You Ask for Roofing References?

Should you ask for roofing references?In case this is your first visit to the Macbeth blog, we’re currently posting a number of questions that homeowners or business owners should ask before hiring a roofing contractor. This blog is on the topic of, ‘Should you ask for roofing references.’

These series of questions may not be obvious to you. This is likely because a roof is something that few people spend a great deal of time thinking about. Unless you’re a professional roofing contractor like us, of course!

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Golden Tip – What to Ask a Roofing Contractor

What to Ask a Roofing ContractorIn this blog post, we’re going to continue with our series of what to ask a roofing contractor before hiring them. Today’s question is, ‘What will you do if the job isn’t completed to my satisfaction?’

Before we get to today’s question, we want to make this clear. A lot of roofers are proud of their businesses. They also have egos that make them want to protect all that they’ve built. As such, they may not want to answer some of the tougher questions, like the one we’ll be discussing today.

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Keep your roof protected with Macbeth’s Lifetime VIP Membership

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Golden Tips – How Do You Choose a Vancouver Roofing Contractor?

Thanks for coming back to our blog or if this is your first time visiting, welcome! In this series, we’re providing you with blog posts intended to educate you about what you should be asking before you choose a Vancouver roofing contractor.

We understand that there is a lot that goes into repairing or even replacing your roofing system. We want to ensure that you find the right company for your project, the first time.

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Questions to Ask Your BC Roofing Company

Let’s face it. Doing almost any kind of roof repair or renovation is a big deal.  It requires planning and it requires either your time or a significant financial investment.

So today we’re going to begin sharing something that very few Vancouver roofing contractors are willing to share with their clients or prospective clients. We’re going to be going through all of the questions you should be asking your potential roofing contractor before you make the decision to hire. Continue reading “Questions to Ask Your BC Roofing Company”

Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Time to Get that Roof Fixed?

So you suspect that your roof is in need of repairs and you know that you have neither the skills nor desire to do it yourself.  It sounds as though you’re going to have to look at hiring a roofing contractor to get the job done.

As this is such a large job, we’ve compiled the following tips to help make your task a little easier. Continue reading “Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor”

More Proof that Roofers are Good People

Image Courtesy of CBS Local Los Angeles

We stumbled across this heart-warming story recently, so we thought we’d share. A homeless man in Los Angeles was so frustrated with the job search, that he decided to start handing out resumes to cars stopped along the freeway.

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