Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

While keeping your roof in good shape is something you should be doing year-round, it’s especially important to be diligent about roof maintenance in the winter.


To help make sure your roof stays properly maintained, follow the five tips listed below.

Drenching Rain Storm Water Overflowing Roof Gutter

  1. Clear away snow immediately.


Untouched snow on the roof might look pretty, but it can pose a serious safety risk if left alone.


First, snow is quite heavy, and the extra weight can further weaken any spots that might already be susceptible to damage. Additionally, as the snow begins to melt and refreeze, it can create dangerous “ice dams” that can block gutters, loosen shingles or cause leaks.


  1. Check your gutters.


Gutters allow moisture to flow safely away from your roof, but if snow and ice build-up in them, this moisture is instead left to soak into the flashing and wreak havoc. It’s also important to remember that ice and snow are heavy, which means that clogged gutters could become weak and tear away from your house.


Be sure to check and clear your gutters at the first signs of buildup. It may also be wise to invest in covers for your gutters if your area gets frequent snow or ice.


  1. Get a professional inspection.


If you live in an area that has long or harsh winters, it’s wise to have your roof inspected before the first snow. Roofing professionals will be able to help you make sure that any potential problems are addressed quickly so that you can feel safe and secure.


  1. Inspect your attic.


Homeowners are often surprised to learn that the attic is a crucial component of maintaining the roof. Keeping your attic properly vented and well-insulated helps to protect it from the harsh weather, and it also helps to limit the amount of moisture that lingers, which is a contributing factor to structural weakness.


  1. Clean up outdoor debris.


Loose leaves, branches, pine needles and general gunk can accumulate not only on your roof but also on your gutters, flashing and downspouts. Clearing away all debris from these areas helps to minimize the potential damage that a heavy snowstorm can cause.


It’s not safe to climb on your roof during the winter months, so it’s best to start doing this throughout the autumn whenever possible.


Stay Safe This Winter


The five tips above are all small, simple things that you can do to ensure that your roof stays strong and secure all winter long. If you need assistance with your commercial or residence roof, contact us at Macbeth Roofing.






5 Roof Resolutions to Keep in 2020

Your home is only as good as its roof, so it’s wise to invest the time and money necessary into maintaining and repairing it as needed. This is especially true if you’ve recently had a new roof installed.


To extend the life of your roof, add this list of five simple tasks to your 2020 resolutions so that you can reap the benefits for years to come.

5 Roof Resoluheavy rain on wooden roof, rainy season.tions to Keep in 2020


  1. Ventilate your attic.


Many people don’t realize that proper ventilation not only saves on heating and cooling costs, but it also helps to maintain the integrity of your roof.


Installing the proper vents for the slope and style of your roof will allow for airflow that keeps the humidity levels of the attic low. Too much moisture in the attic can harm both the insulation and the roof of your home, so this is a simple yet important resolution to keep.


  1. Maintain your gutters.


When your gutters are clogged or in disrepair, it can allow water to pool along the edges of the roof and cause serious damage. We recommend cleaning your gutters at least twice a year, and you should inspect them at least that often.


  1. Get a professional inspection.


About once every other year, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection to be done by roofing experts. A professional can give you preventive maintenance tips and point out issues that need to be addressed so that you don’t have to go through the cost and hassle of replacing the entire structure prematurely.


  1. Keep a clear perimeter.


It’s important to clear away trees or branches that lean over your roof. Large branches can fall and damage it, and small branches can badly scratch it over time. In addition, leaves that get stuck can trap moisture and cause premature harm.


Simply trim back any branches that could come in contact with your roof, and this will go a long way toward preserving it for years to come.


  1. Perform small repairs immediately.


It might seem unnecessary to immediately replace a worn or missing shingle or to take the time to repair minor gutter issues right away. However, performing these small fixes as soon as you notice them can save you headaches and a much larger bill down the road.



Resolve to Maintain Your Roof in 2020


Roof maintenance might seem tedious, but it doesn’t have to be. These five resolutions are small, simple tasks that can make a huge difference in the life of your roof. For more information about roof maintenance, contact us at Macbeth Roofing.






Five Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your roof is an important part of your fall maintenance routine and can help you to preserve the value of your property in the greater Vancouver area. Winter weather can take a significant toll on these essential components of your home or business premises. Here are five of the best ways to prepare your roof for the chill of winter before it arrives.


Clean Your Gutters


Making sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris will allow you to enjoy the best possible drainage of melting snow and ice from your roof. Your Vancouver roofing contractor can often recommend and install gutter-guard systems that will help keep your gutters clear and functioning properly for many years to come.


Trim Your Trees


Fall is the perfect time to schedule tree trimming for your home or business. By taking a proactive approach to protecting your roof, you will reduce the risk that limbs will fall and cause damage to your roof during icy weather or severe storms.


Insulate Your Attic


Taking steps to insulate your attic will not only lower your utility bills but may also extend the life of your roof. This simple step will save you money now and well into the future.


Inspect Your Roof


While taking a look at your roof from time to time is a good idea, scheduling an inspection with a Vancouver roofing company this fall will allow you to enjoy the greatest possible peace of mind all winter long. Your roofing contractor can spot issues before they become serious problems and can provide you with the right recommendations to repair your roof before winter sets in later this year.


Perform Necessary Repairs


Making sure your home or business is ready for winter may require scheduling some work to replace shingles or even to replace your entire roof. Your local Vancouver roofing company is your best source of information and guidance on keeping your roof in tip-top condition year after year.


At Macbeth Roofing & Waterproofing, we specialize in providing expert maintenance, repairs and replacements for commercial and residential roofs in the greater Vancouver area. Call our team today at 604-670-1611 to request a quote for roof repairs or a brand-new roof. We are here to serve you.



Five Warning Signs That Your Roof Is Failing

As a homeowner or property manager, you depend on a solid and leak-free roof to provide you with a safe and healthy environment. Keeping a watchful eye on the condition of your roof is the best possible way to protect your possessions, your inventory and your equipment in the greater Vancouver area. Here are five signs that your roof may be due for a replacement.


Numerous Missing Shingles or Tiles


If only a few tiles or shingles are missing around the edges, your local roofing contractor can typically repair and restore your roof to proper function. If many of the shingles or tiles are missing, however, a new roof is recommended to ensure the best possible protection for your buildings and their contents.


Visible Damage to Roofing Materials


Broken or discoloured shingles and tiles can allow water to seep into the underlayment of your roof, which could result in leaks and a higher potential for mould. If you notice several damaged areas, calling your Vancouver roofing contractor and scheduling an inspection is a good first step toward resolving these issues and protecting the value of your property.


Over 20 Years Old


Asphalt shingle roofs are designed to last for about 20 years before requiring a replacement. If your roof was constructed more than 20 years ago, it may be time to replace it before serious problems arise.


Leaks Inside Your Home or Business


A leaking roof can cause serious damage to the contents of your home or your business premises. If you notice water stains or other signs of water leaking from your roof, calling a Vancouver roofing contractor as soon as possible is the best way to address these issues and to prevent further issues that could end up costing you more.


A Sagging Roof


The weight of snow and ice often causes sagging in older roofs, especially flat or slanted commercial roofs that take the brunt of winter weather. If you notice any sagging of your roof, contacting a Vancouver commercial roofing company is critical to prevent further damage.


At Macbeth Roofing & Waterproofing, we offer commercial and residential roofing services you can depend on to resolve your issues. Call us today at 604-670-1611 to schedule an inspection or to request a quote. We are available 24 hours a day to serve you better.






How do you Prevent your Roof from Leaking?

Prevent your Roof from Leaking

Your roof is one of the trickiest aspects of your home to maintain. In order to ensure your roof is performing properly, it is vital to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Roofs that have been neglected are at a greater risk of water infiltration and premature building envelope failure.  The last thing you want is water leaking into your home in the middle of our rainy season.

Refer to these three easy steps to prevent your roof from leaking:

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