Cedar Shingles and Shake Roof

Cedar Shingles & Shake

Cedar shingles have been a popular look on the West Coast for many years. These rustic looking shingles are made from Canadian red cedar and are still used to some extent today.

The benefits of using cedar shingles are primarily for having that certain look. Wood shingles are still prone to the same issues that affect asphalt shingles such as erosion from water runoff, loss of oils from heating in the sun and wind damage. The option to choose between asphalt and cedar shingles is a personal choice.

Today there is a greater selection of shingle styles available. As well, economic and environmental preferences may cause you to consider converting your cedar clad roof to asphalt shingles.

For more information on the benefits of both kinda of shingles, call (604) 593-1044. We offer our expertise to help you make an informed decision.

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