What to Ask a Roofing Contractor – Golden Tip #3

Today we’re going to continue on with our series of things you should be asking a roofing company before you hire them – but may not know to ask.

Before we get to today’s question, let’s make this clear.  A lot of roofers are proud of their businesses and have egos that make them want to protect all that they’ve built (pardon the pun).  As such, they may not want to answer some of the tougher questions like the one we’ll be discussing today.

However, you still need to ask and you should expect a satisfactory answer.  It is your home and your money. You deserve honesty.

Ok, that said, today’s question is:

What will you do if the job ISN’T completed to my satisfaction?

Any business that has been providing roofing services for any length of time should have a list of references.  These will usually be their happiest customers and all of that is fine and good.  However, not every job goes perfectly.  In fact, very few roofing jobs go perfectly and what you need to find out is what your potential roofer does in these cases.

As mentioned, most business owners will be hesitant to answer this question because it implies that they’re not perfect. But nobody is perfect and for sure, they have had to deal with problems at some point in the past. What you’re trying to determine is how they will go about dealing with any dissatisfaction on your end should that happen to arise.

There is no real right or wrong answer to this question. Ideally, you want to hear something along the lines of “We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction” but the key is getting an answer that puts you at ease with the roofer.

In fact, just asking this question is likely to decrease the possibility of any problems as the job progresses simply because you will both be aware of the repercussions.