Gutter Systems

Gutter System

We receive a tremendous amount of rain on the West coast and our homes shed this water from the roof through the gutter system into the ground below. At Macbeth, we understand that your home needs the appropriate system of gutters and downspouts to properly achieve this process.

There are two types of gutter systems – Hidden gutters/Built-in Gutters and Continuous Aluminum Gutters.

Homeowners and architects love the look of hidden gutters/built-in gutters because they’re invisible when admiring the home’s exterior.

Another popular choice is continuous aluminum gutters, which are attached to the exterior fascia and can be painted to complement the exterior colours of the house. All gutter systems require proper maintenance and cleaning. Debris from trees and animals can accumulate and cause blockages.

Our qualified roofers can provide the necessary maintenance and repairs to extend the life of your gutter systems. We would be pleased to discuss the two potential systems for your home, so that you can choose what’s best for you.