The Industry Leader in Waterproofing and EPDM Membrane Roofing

Roofs protect more than just your building; they protect everything inside it, starting with your beloved ones. As such, a roof should be properly constructed and well-maintained. If your roof is in need of repair, remodeling or replacement, look no further than Macbeth Roofing. We are an industry leader in EPDM membrane roofing, with a specialization in waterproofing membranes application. Whether your building is under construction or renovation, our waterproof roofs will protect your residential or commercial structures from leaks, storms and deterioration. While we specialize in roofs, our EPDM membranes can also be applied to foundations, basements and decks.

At Macbeth Roofing, we are committed to quality and integrity in all we do. Our EPDM roofing membranes are long-lasting and proven to make buildings more resilient and sound. We also believe that a roof can look appealing and make your building appear inviting and attractive. Call Macbeth Roofing today at (604) 593-1044 to enhance your building’s look and longevity with EPDM membrane.

Macbeth Roofing is also committed to safer manufacturing and distribution of waterproofing and roofing products. We adhere to all building code standards and comply with all Canadian roofing regulations. With quality products, helpful service, timely accommodations and a commitment to safety, Macbeth Roofing is the premier choice for all your roofing needs.

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