Questions to Ask Your BC Roofing Company

Let’s face it. Doing almost any kind of roof repair or renovation is a big deal.  It requires planning and it requires either your time or a significant financial investment.

So today we’re going to begin sharing something that very few Vancouver roofing contractors are willing to share with their clients or prospective clients. We’re going to be going through all of the questions you should be asking your potential roofing contractor before you make the decision to hire.

Some of these questions might be self-evident but many of them will be quite eye-opening.  It is the proverbial situation of not knowing what you don’t know.  Or in this case, not knowing what questions you should be asking.

That said, here is question #1.

What kind of warranties come with the work?

As replacing or repairing a roof is such a big deal, you need to feel comfortable that the job will be done to your complete satisfaction.  After sitting down with the prospective roofing contractor you should have a very clear understanding of what their warranties and customer satisfaction policies are.

You should know how long the warranty will last and exactly what it covers.  Does it cover just labour?  Labour and materials?

Most roofing companies will have a warranty on the labour they provide and the products will be backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.  However, not all will have this safeguard so make sure you ask before the work gets started.

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  Ask the tough questions up-front to avoid surprises down the road.

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