More Proof that Roofers are Good People

Image Courtesy of CBS Local Los Angeles

We stumbled across this heart-warming story recently, so we thought we’d share. A homeless man in Los Angeles was so frustrated with the job search, that he decided to start handing out resumes to cars stopped along the freeway.

A desperate act? Perhaps, but it did end up being effective. 

LOS ANGELES ( — Christopher Boyd, a homeless Los Angeles man who handed out his resume along local freeways, has been hired.

The 44-year-old is working for Jack The Roofer in Simi Valley for a week before taking on a full time position with JB Wholesale, a Los Angeles roofing and building supply company that works with Jack The Roofer….More at Homeless Man Who Handed Out Resumes Gets Hired By Roofing

Roofing companies like Macbeth Roofing have a long history of providing stable, well-paying jobs to a variety of people. Roofing is not easy work, but those who prove they’re capable have ample opportunity to take their place in the sun (pardon the pun).

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