New Westminster Roofing Services

New Westminster Roofing

New Westminster Roofing Services

During a wet winter in New Westminster, it can feel like everything around you is damp. In the Greater Vancouver area, there is virtually no escape from the high precipitation in the cooler season and the dry heat in the warmer season. New Westminster tends to have a higher rainfall compared to other areas in the Lower Mainland, making protection from the elements a vital part of any structure.

Escape from the year-round moisture and enjoy the warmth of your own home with a better roofing experience from Macbeth Roofing – your local New Westminster Roofing company.


Why Choose Macbeth Roofing as your next New Westminster Roofing Company?

We have years of experience working in areas like New Westminster, which receive a substantial amount of rain each year. As a New Westminster Roofing company, we construct and repair roofs which perform well in the rain and wind.

If you have been noticing issues with your roof and your own repairs aren’t fixing the problem, let us help you! At Macbeth Roofing, we understand the importance of protecting your most important asset – your home. That is why we offer competitive prices and outstanding customer service to each and every one of our customers.

No matter how large your space or urgent your problem, Macbeth Roofing can get the job done quickly and effectively.


Our New Westminster Roofing Services:

There are multiple types of roofing systems for you to choose from. Our representatives will be glad to present you with your options and help you make the best decision that is most suitable for your home. Before you choose the best New Westminster roofing type for your home, consider the durability, longevity, price, and aesthetics.

Here are a few of our popular New Westminster Roofing options:

  • Asphalt shingles
  • Tile roof
  • Slate shingles
  • Metal shingles


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are amongst the most common types of roofing materials used today. They are best for homes that are located in an area where the temperature is consistently cool or warm.


Tile Roof

Tile roofs are one of the oldest forms of roofing and are still used for homes today. Composed of tile, ceramic, plastic or slate, tile roofs are best for areas that receive a lot of rain.


Slate Roof

Traditionally a European form of roofing, slate roofing is a durable, yet expensive roofing option. Great for cold climates, slate roofs are very durable and are resistant to frost and water damage.


Metal Roof

Although they cost more initially, metal roofs are an excellent choice for all seasons and climates. Made of large sheets of metal, these roofs are durable and require little upkeep. They are usually chosen for industrial structures but are gaining popularity in residential use.


We strive to be the best New Westminster Roofer. Contact us about your upcoming roofing project, today! We provide a Free Consultation. 

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